Monday, July 6, 2009

Jama reviews "Your health in the Information Age" very positively

I am pleased to say that a very positive review of my book, "your health in the information age" has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the most prestigious general medical journal in the world. The reviewer introduced his review in the following way:

"If you have heard the joke" What kind of physician uses the Internet? A URLologist" then Your Health in the Information Age" may be just the ticket for you and your patients. This 188 page book takes on the monumental task of offering an excellent exploration of the exponentially expanding world of e-health for readers already searching for health information on the Internet, as well as for relative newbies".

And finishes with the following:

"Your Health in the information age" is not an "e-health for dummies". It is an academic and insightful look into the exciting and nascent world of online health care. Whatever your views on the flaws and failures of the US healthcare system, you have to admit that things are changing. Make no mistake: online care is a game changer."

It is very pleasing to read such a positive review, which also includes some very reasonable criticisms that I will be delighted to confront when I write the next version of the book. You can all read the full review by going to my website at www. and following the links. I hope you do, and I hope that this review encourages you to tell your friends and colleagues about the book, and to continue to think critically about all aspects of e-health on the Internet.

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